www.goodreads.com/book/show/10753824-regression-modeling-strategies I heard some good things about this book, and some of it is good. Surely, the general approach outlined in the introduction is pretty sound. He sets up the following principles: Satisfaction of model assumptions improves precision and increases statistical power. It is more productive to make a model fit step by step (e.g., […]

I don’t have time to do this project right now. However, since I gathered a bunch of relevant resources that I don’t want to have to re-find, I will write them down somewhere — here. My blog is my extended memory. Music genres are another fuzzy concept, like races. Lots of genres (and classification systems […]

Naming things in programming is hard. I can see 2 reasons for this. 1) It is hard to pick a name you won’t want to change later. With large projects, where things are not designed in detail before beginning to write the code, I often find that the names I gave things initially were not […]

I was working on a study and while doing so, I updated all my R packages. To my surprise, this changed the results in my analysis to a degree that it caused a change in the conclusion. I suspected it was due to an update in the psych package. The update notes read: Bug fixed […]

Note: 2018 June 26 Server down right now, investigating. Note: August 16, 2017 server IP changed to Original post We need dplyr for this: library(dplyr) First, use the anon user to log into the SQL server (user = “anon”, pass = “”, ip = “”, port = 3306): sql = src_mysql(“population_freqs”, host = “”, […]

rpubs.com/EmilOWK/208757 Analysis of the data collected so far, presented side by side with R code. It will be expanded into a proper paper and submitted to OQSPS soonish. Soonish here meaning when Noah gets around to do it! Due to the surprising results, we should probably do a follow-up replication using new subjects. These results […]

Today I was trying to install the MBESS package. One of its dependencies is the gsl package. However, trying to install that package gave the following error: cp: cannot stat ‘*.gcno’: No such file or directory Makevars:45: recipe for target ‘save-gcno’ failed make: [save-gcno] Error 1 (ignored) Googling it gave 0 results, which is a […]