Abstract In this commentary I explain how mean differences between normal distributions give rise to different percentages of the populations being above or below a given threshold, depending on where the threshold is. Introduction “Research uncovers flawed IQ scoring system” is the headline on phys.org, which often posts news about research from other fields. It […]

It is a long time ago since I did this project. I did not write about it here before but it is a pity since the results are thus not ‘out there’. I put the project page here in 2012 (!). In short, I wrote python code to crawl Wikipedia lists. I figured out a […]

If a person is waiting to be treated at a hospital and he complains about waiting too long… is he being impatient? – [14:40:05] Emil – Deleet: is it funny to talk about a sex division of labor? [14:40:39] Emil – Deleet: meaning #1: Effort expended on a particular task; toil, work. meaning #2: The […]

[11:19:25] Jens Arhøj – Strawb: Tfw reading Game of Thrones >The author doesn’t use commas as often as I would like >I really pick the wrong things to focus on [11:19:34] Emil – Deleet: yes [11:19:36 | Edited 11:19:52] Emil – Deleet: commas, suck [11:19:55 | Edited 11:20:06] Jens Arhøj – Strawb: Damn, you — […]