Why this list

Copyright prevents much literature from being freely put online the fact that there is no commercial interest in the works and the authors are often long dead. The reason for this is that a few powerful interests want to keep a few important but old things under copyright forever.

The implication of this for scientific research is that many older journals and most books are practically unavailable online, even for people willing to pay. Since the rise of online pirate libraries (for books: library.nu and modern incarnation library genesis; for journals: sci-hub), however, people have been liberating these old works by acquiring a copy, scanning it and uploading it. Hence this list: works I am looking for, which are often historically important, or might just be of interest to me.


  • Tucker, W. H. (1996). The science and politics of racial research. University of Illinois Press.
  • Tucker, W. H. (2002). The funding of scientific racism: Wickliffe Draper and the Pioneer Fund. University of Illinois Press.
    • These widely cited Tucker attack books are not available anywhere I can find.
  • Thorndike, Robert L. 1967 Vocabulary Test G-T: Directions and Norms. New York: Institute of Psychological Research, mimeograph.
    • Might be important for Wordsum data, see here.
  • Fancher, R. E. (1985). The intelligence men: Makers of the IQ controversy. New York: Norton.
    • Useful biographies for use on Wikipedia.