Evolutionary Psychology and Feminism 2011   Abstract This article provides a historical context of evolutionary psychology and feminism, and evaluates the contributions to this special issue of Sex Roles within that context. We briefly outline the basic tenets of evolutionary psychology and articulate its meta-theory of the origins of gender similarities and differences. The article […]

Introduction Abstract In this essay I attempt to clarify what it means to say that an argument begs the question. One may think that it is a fairly straightforward matter but my analysis reveals that it isn’t so. Shorthands “BTQ” means begging the question, or begs the question whichever is grammatically correct on the context. […]

This is a common yet relatively unknown fallacy. The typical situation is this: Someone is defending some view or theory. That someone acknowledges the existence of a number of objections to the view/theory that he is defending. He then defeats these objections to his own satisfaction and concludes that there are no good objections. Presuming […]