I wrote about this before, but since this is a frequent problem and my last post wasn’t brief, here’s a shorter version. The primary way to install software in Linux is to rely on apt-get (apt in Mint) or some other package manager. The way this works is that there is a central server which […]

Many airports have free wifi services. The problem with these is that they are time-limited, usually to 1 to 3 hours. This can be very annoying if one is stuck in an airport for an extended period, as I am right now. Non-technical solution If you have spent your time on one device, you can […]

Not as easy as claimed, but not that difficult. I used the default values and stuff with Ubuntu like in the guide. Some difficulties: Had to learn SSH Just read this. No email was sent with password Apparently, this is not done when using SSH, see above guide. Don’t skip making a second user If […]

One would think that after so many years, things would simply work on linux. Especially on mainstream platforms. Mint 17 is based on the last Ubuntu LTS version (Trustly Tahr). For the uninitiated linux can seem difficult with all the terminal commands. But actually install guides make things seem a lot easier than they really […]

As nearly always, when one wants to do something in Linux, it becomes a test of both intelligence and patience. Mostly the latter. In this case I had installed the newest Mint on my new laptop, Mint 17. Then I set out to install R. Since this language’s name is but a single letter, it […]

Usually every few years i try linux just to see how it has improved since last time i tried it. So far i have not migrated permanently to linux on my desktop. Simply, windows (7) is better for my purposes. Whenever i try linux, i picked the most popular distro. This time it was Mint. […]