After the recent London conference on Intelligence, we visited the Science Museum in South Kensington. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to explore everything, but we did spend some time in the flight section. A number of the texts on display highlight the importance of open science, and are worth posting here. Stalling science […]

Abstract I argue that traditional scientific publication is extremely costly and that scientific publication must move towards more rapid publication practices. I discuss how this might be accomplished by integrating blogposts, The Winnower and ResearchGate. Introduction There are a number of important dimensions that scientists consider when they choose how and where to publish their […]

@KirkegaardEmil an important method of combating pub bias? it creates a accountability for the authors. If they cheat it can be seen by all. — Emil OW Kirkegaard (@KirkegaardEmil) January 4, 2015 Would this work? Authors can reduce their publication bias measure by publishing new studies that are more honest (with regards to reporting, research […]

I had my first Twitter controversy. So: @StuartJRitchie @FrontiersIn is a predatory open access journal. Publication fee is 1600€ — Emil OW Kirkegaard (@KirkegaardEmil) September 27, 2014 @KirkegaardEmil @StuartJRitchie you do realize that you are paying ~5000 per article for 'normal' journals? Nothing predatory about it — rogier kievit (@rogierK) September 28, 2014 […] Someone posted a nice collection of books dealing with the on-going revolution in science: I've collected a list of Open Science / digital scholar books – any obvious missign? – #openscience #openaccess — Mikael K. Elbæk (@melbaek) September 25, 2014 So i decided to read some of them. Ironically, many of them […]

I recently published a paper in Open Differential Psychology. After it was published, I decided to tell some colleagues about it so that they would not miss it because it is not published in any of the two primary journals in the field: Intell or PAID (Intelligence, Personal and Individual Differences). My email is this: […]

So you’ve just finished your hopefully good paper. Now comes the question. Where to send it to? Actually, normally you would start by looking at journals to send to before writing. Why? Because journals are not very consistent in their requirements in writing style. There is a huge variety in the ways they want you […]

Science is broken There are numerous errors with science as it is right now. Some of them are: closed access, publication bias, lack of data sharing, the horribly bad and slow publication system.   All these problems have done talked about before other places (e.g. Here I wanna talk about solutions.   Closed access […]