From the interactive visualization I previously published to give foster an intuitive understanding of the concept: Tail effects are when there are large differences between groups at the extremes (tails) of distributions. This happens when the distributions differ in either the mean or the standard deviation (or both), even when these differences are quite small. […]

Also posted on the Project Polymath blog. An interesting study has been published: Thomas S. Bateman, and Andrew M. Hess. Different personal propensities among scientists relate to deeper vs. broader knowledge contributions. PNAS 2015 ; published ahead of print March 2, 2015, This is relevant to the study of polymathy, which of course involves making […]

Goodreads. Libgen. This book is background material for CGPGrey’s great short film: So, if you saw that and are more curious, perhaps this book is for you. If the film above is not interesting to you, the book will be useless. Generally, the film conveys the topic better than the book, but the book of […]

Case in point, i’m taking a break from my reading of an introduction to relativity theory to write this post. I wrote this in a hurry becus i felt in the flow. I cleaned out the worst mistakes. Q: How do i become a polymath? There are various ways to learn stuff. The current method […]