Her er min SRP (studieretningsprojekt) opgave inkl. bilag.


English abstract:

The topic of this assignment is mobile phones, more specifically their consequences for our culture

and society, and their history. In the assignment I analyse mobile phones by looking at what

consequences they have for us.

This I do first by going through their history with focus on design and functionality. In doing so I

also make some notes about which implications these new features have and some brief technical


In the second chapter I analyse how the diffusion of mobile phones with an SMS-function have

influenced the way we communicate and conclude that they have made our conversations more

superficial and robbed us of our focused concentration.

In the third chapter I seek to give a qualified guess about how the mobile phones of the future will

look like. I conclude that more and more functions will be squeezed into the mobile phones of the

future. I give some reasons to believe this based on current trends in design of technology.



Mobiltelefoner – Emil Kirkegaard SRP

Bilag A – Mobiltelefoner fra 2001

Bilag B – Kameratelefoner

Bilag C – Tidslinjen

Bilag D – Generation Dum

Bilag E – Telefoner med keyboard