Also, his name is Kierkegaard, whereas mine is Kirkegaard, no silent <e>. The word means graveyard (also see below) in Danish. Per 2015, 2,656 persons in Denmark have my last name (about .05%). Only 281 have kierkegaard.

Søren Kierkegaard had no children, so it is impossible to descent from him. (One could descent from a relative of his though.)

Funnily enough, my great great something grand father’s name was Søren Kirkegaard. However, this family name derives from the fact that the family had a large farm next to the church, which gives rise to the double meaning of the name: graveyard vs. church farm. The modern spelling is kirkegård (since 1948).

Etymology: DA kirke is a cognate with the EN word church, cf. Scottish kirk.

Incidentally, I hate his philosophy (neurotic Christianity).