Sweden’s crazy social experiment with gender


Read if u dare. These people are I also predict that this will not change sex-based stereotypes. Men and women are simply different due to genetics (and epigenetics etc.).

Altho, as a linguist, i like the idea of gender free pronouns even tho they reasons they want to introduce it are insane. The linguist mentioned in the article is right that the EN he/she, DA han/hun, SV han/hon clutters up sentences.

The free lifestyle magazine, Nöjesguiden, which is distributed in major Swedish cities and is similar to the Village Voice, recently released an issue using hen throughout. In his column, writer Kawa Zolfagari says, “It can be hard to handle the male ego sometimes. I myself tend to get a stinging feeling when a female friend has had it with sexism or has got hurt because of some guy and desperately blurts out some generalisation about men. Sometimes I think ‘Hen knows me, hen knows I am not an idiot, why does hen speak that way of all men?’ Nöjesguiden‘s editor, Margret Atladottir, said hen ought to be included in the dictionary of the Swedish Academy, the body that awards the Nobel Prize in literature.

Why is he not complaining that she is being sexist? Oh the double standards. It is fair to criticize men, but not women. Even men think like this, after all, women and children first is pretty much a built-in feature of men due to men’s disposability.

Generally, this woman has alot of good videos about feminism.

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