DMCAs – its time to game the system

Following recent news that Google will start downgrading sites that have received many DMCA complaints, it is time to show Google why this system is hopeless. To do so, we must game the system, to show how it doesn’t work. To avoid collateral damage, we do so by using it against Google’s own services. Youtube, Google scholar, Google books, and so on.


Here’s how i imagine it to be done:

  1. Make a system for finding content on the target site.
  2. Find a useful list of company names. This can also be taken from actual DMCA complaints, but can also just be a list of auto-generated names.
  3. Find a lot of human written DMCA notices.
  4. Locate the names of the content and the complaining company in those notices from (3).
  5. Swap the names with content found via (1) and names from (2).
  6. Send in the DMCA notices to Google.


That’s the basic idea. Many variations are possible. For instance, one cud probably auto-generate DMCAs as well, to avoid detection. Obviously, Google is a master of data, and if they receive 100k almost identical DMCAs, they can weed them out automatically. They cannot do this easily or at all with generated DMCAs.


This gaming of the system will show that the current DMCA situation is ridiculess and damaging to the internet.

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