Some more stuff about KK-principle

The reason to post the other post about the KKp is that i was having a conversation with a friend about it. Turns out he is a supporter of it. I think it is rather obvious that it isnt true. I posted the argument about infinite beliefs already, but there is more to be said about it.

As it is, some years ago i spent some time discussing KKp with a friend (kennethamy, prof. emeritus, RIP). Unfortunately, i googled around and cudnt find the specific threads. It was on freeratio (FRDB) or what used to be call philosophy forums (now able2know). I found a couple of threads about it, but not exactly what i was looking for.

Im of the opinion that the best way to change wrong opinions in people is not to talk to them about it, and give arguments. This usually results in combative behavior (such are humans). Instead i recommend reading a lot about the subject. So, i looked for some writings to send to my friend about KKp. Here’s what i wrote to him on Skype:

[13:12:42] Emil – Deleet: sketch of proof
[13:12:42] Emil – Deleet:
[13:12:48] Emil – Deleet: and no
[13:12:49] Emil – Deleet: ofc not
[13:12:54] Emil – Deleet: and yes, it is obvious
[13:13:11] Emil – Deleet: i went and looked for my conversation with kennethamy about it
[13:13:16] Emil – Deleet: didnt find it
[13:13:21] Emil – Deleet: well “it”
[13:13:29] Emil – Deleet: since i have talked with him about it many times
[13:13:45] Emil – Deleet: (kennethamy is a now dead prof. emeritus that i knew)
[13:16:41] Emil – Deleet:
[13:16:50] Emil – Deleet: i think i read that art. years ago
[13:21:22] Emil – Deleet: not particularly clear regarding important things (suprise exam argument)
[13:23:06] Emil – Deleet: //
if u like infinite numbers of beliefs, u might like infinitism as a way out of the regression argument of epis.
[13:23:20] Emil – Deleet:
[13:23:37] Emil – Deleet: i read Klein’s papers in high school (by myself, was curious)
[13:23:41] Emil – Deleet: perhaps u will like them
[13:23:49] Emil – Deleet: i found them interesting but not convincing
[13:24:21] Emil – Deleet: if i had time to go into some depth about KKp again, id read
[13:24:33] Emil – Deleet: u might like that as well, as it is a defense of KKp
[13:30:50] Emil – Deleet: also useful
[13:30:50] Emil – Deleet:
[13:30:59] Emil – Deleet: contains some common counterexamples
[13:32:43] Emil – Deleet: Swartz’s remark also comes to mind “Over the years I have found that a great many claims in epistemology are refuted by looking at the actual beliefs of young children and uneducated and unsophisticated adults.”
[13:33:01] Emil – Deleet: cf.



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