Berkeley lecturer tries to get students to push anti-Trump POV on Wikipedia, gets indefinitely banned instead

Editing Wikipedia is done by humans, and sometimes these humans have various ideas they want to push. I have covered a few questionable cases before on Twitter, but will repost here. Who do we blame for this particular incident, Commies or Antisemites?

Swedish or Jew? Same page

Enter Michel Gelobter

Michael is a Berkeley lecturer, but seems mostly known as a political activist for environmental justice and related SJWing (race, sex, class — SJW holy trinity). In April 2017 he decided that maybe he should force his students to write his pushy stuff for him. So he basically set up a course to have them  write ‘neutral’ Wikipedia pages that:

Service learning has always been a major component of the course and is designed to be even more so this semester. Besides a few individual assignments, students will largely work in small groups to edit and/or create Wikipedia articles in order to create a neutral, well-documented record of the assaults on the environment and environmental justice expected to unfold early in the Trump Presidency.

Well, after his students starting making a lot of edits of questionable NPOV status, copypasted content, stuff without sources, stuff that was just adding irrelevant anti-Trump matters to existing pages etc. A number of users tried to explain the various relevant policies to him, such that Wikipedia isn’t a place to come to push some POV (and WP:SOAP and WP:NOTHERE). Michael, however, was unable to understand the problem, trying to shift the blame to systematic biases in Wikipedia. One gem comment from him to illustrate:

I think the key thing that editors are getting wrong is their inability to separate topics that are particularly triggering in today’s political environment from good neutral content about things like environmental racism…

More of these kinds of comments can be found here.

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