New paper out: book review of Lynn and Becker’s The Intelligence of Nations (2019)

I was asked to review this new book written by David Becker and Richard Lynn. It’s the long work in progress that James Thompson has blogged about on numerous occasions. This book presents the latest revision of the IQs, their exact methods for calculation (open data and methods). As a new thing, the IQs are now continuously updated via David Becker’s website at In fact, the numbers in the book are already slightly out of date. The new values are completely redone from scratch by Becker, using the original documents. Because not all sources have been found or incorporated yet, the new work is based on fewer datapoints than the previous work. On the continuum of comprehensiveness and quality, it’s further along towards quality.

Tables and figures from my review:

Country 1978 IQ 1978 notes 2019 IQ
United Kingdom 100 99.12
United States 100 European descent 97.43
New Zealand 98.5 European descent 98.57
Australia 95 99.24
Belgium 104 97.49
France 104 96.69
Germany 100 East Germany 100.74
Denmark 100 97.83
Italy 100 Florence 94.23
Spain 87 93.9
Croatia 89 Zagreb 96.19
Greece 89 Thessaloniki 93.56
Iraq 80 89.28
Iran 82 80.01
India 86 76.24
Uganda 84 elite samples 76.42
Jamaica 79 75.08
Tanzania 88 elite samples 74.95
Ghana 75 58.16
South Africa 78 African descent 68.87
Taiwan 100 106.47
Japan 100 106.48
Indonesia 96 Bandung, elite 78.49

1978 values are based on (Lynn, 1978), using medians to combine studies when needed. 2019 values are based on Lynn and Becker’s book.

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