Book review: Possible Worlds, Norman Swartz, Raymond Bradley, 1979

I could write a long detailed review but it is entirely unneeded. This book is without doubt the most enlightening book that I have ever read about logic, and it doesn’t even cover predicate logic! So that says a lot. It is recommended for anyone who wonders if talk of possible worlds is really worth it, who wants a systematic introduction to propositional logic and modal propositional logic, and who is not afraid of symbols.

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  1. Paul

    Dear Emil,
    Is the text of the Possible Worlds typeset in latex, and if so, may I have a copy of the source, please? I am visually impaired and use a screen reader. My concern is that some of the symbols used in Possible Worlds might be invisible to the screen reader.
    Please feel free to drop me a line if you require more info. Many thanks, Paul

    1. Emil Kirkegaard

      Unfortunately, in the official release all the text is recognized using OCR software, which proved to be incapable of correctly recognizing the symbolism. However, for some parts of the book, I did take the time to fix the symbols that were not correctly recognized. I suppose I could send that version to you as it may be of some use to you.

  2. Paul

    I’d presume the symbols are noted in plain text. If that’s the case, then, yes please, I’ll have a copy. Many thanks, Paul

  3. Paul

    Hello Emil, I wondered if I could have the version of the Possible Worlds with the symbols corected, in a format other than PDF.
    Thanks, Paul

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