3D-printing and kopyriet




This wil be very interesting indeed. How ar thae going to handl this wun?

  • Governments need to get rid of fysikal muny befor it bekums posibl to just print them for les than thae ar wurth. I predikt that this wil not taek meny yeers.
  • How wil the manufactors of 3D-printers themselvs handl the situaeshon? Wen peepl kan just print their oen printers insted of bieing them, hou wil thae maek muny? A frend of mien sujests that thae wil maek muny from seling the materials uesed to print of. That sounds reesonabl.
  • Printing other personaliezed items is just the nekst step from ordering unik t-shurts from siets such as http://www.spreadshirt.com/.

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