Graet reeding about herisy, open-miendednes, eksentrik thinking

I found dhe esae from reeding anodher tekst (very komon praktis):

Dhe abov is aktualy orlsoe worth reeding. It is a book revuew of a book with very unpopular ideas, but shuurly som good peeses among dhem. Heer is dhe opening:

“SEATTLE, Washington – Now why would I be reviewing this book, which was published by the Neo-Nazi National Alliance and that I acquired via some shady Internet bookseller? After all, I am hardly the Aryan prototype.

For one thing, I’ve followed the Alliance for years, through some combination of curiosity, pity, and entertainment. I was listening to Dr. Pierce’s Internet broadcasts since the late 1990’s, what we now call “podcasts.” Pierce died in 2002 and the Alliance has undergone the usual tumult, power plays, and backbiting that occur whenever a personality-driven organization loses its leader.

Secondly, I have for years put effort into exposing myself to politically incorrect, unconventional, or unfashionable thought, as there is often some truth in there. According to Paul Graham, intelligent people tend to do this and it is overall a good thing.

Third, the author of Which Way Western Man?, William Gayley Simpson, looks like an agreeable chap.

So, I waded into the 1070-page treatise with full enthusiasm. The book consists of modified essays that Simpson originally wrote in the 1940s (and in most cases updated in the 1970s) and the writing has an erudite, early-20th-Century style to it. Simpson was born in 1892 and spent the 1910s and 1920s as a minister (he gave up the frock by 1918,) laborer, and general-purpose liberal, pacifistic Christian. Much of the book gives personal testament to his activities during these years and how they molded his worldview into what it was at the time of the writing(s). “

wich is waer i got dhe tekst i reely want to promoet from:

Dhe blog, bdw, is orlsoe worth a kloeser look. Dhe author seems to hav stoped poesting (last post 2010, August), but it has alot of poests to begin with.

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