Descartes joke

It seems to me that Descartes’ book “Meditations on First Philosophy” should have been called “First Philosophy of Medications”. He was clearly a multi-substance user. ;)

Also, other lame puns

If one eats live breakfast multiple times, is one then a cereal killer?

If one is looking for a future spouse who is okay with wearing a bikini made of sweets, and one is going out with a possible choice, should one call her a “candydate”?

Sure, and if whilst covering people in wet earth artistically, some of them suffocate to death, is one then a mass mudderer? (Laird)

If one watches a film where nothing happens except that a bunch of pigs run around in a circle, is it boring?

Løbetur i modvind. Me gusta(pun intended) (Arhøj)

im the most literal person u no, literaly and non-literaly!

[12-12-2011 06:47:46] Emil – Deleet: har set for majet House MD
[12-12-2011 06:47:55] Emil – Deleet: forvænter uløker overalt nu
[12-12-2011 06:47:57] Emil – Deleet: :D
[12-12-2011 06:47:59] Jens Arhøj: xD
[12-12-2011 06:50:27] Emil – Deleet: en mæd en stang gænem maven
[12-12-2011 06:50:28] Emil – Deleet: :(
[12-12-2011 06:50:49 | Edited 06:50:52] Jens Arhøj: I guess he couldn’t…stomach it

I spent 5 minutes trying to ejaculate and finally succeeded. I hope she was happy with the outcome.

Jeg sætter pris på folk som mener at ikke alting kan gøres op i penge.

[18:34:42] Tulimafat: “nigger”-joke… det er sort humor :P

[30-11-2011 23:49:13] Emil – Deleet:
[30-11-2011 23:49:18] Emil – Deleet: Olieboringer i Grønland lagt på is
[30-11-2011 23:49:22] Emil – Deleet: >_>_>_>_>

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