The power of sexual selection: Asian eyelid surgery and other stuff women do

I think i may have posted about this before, even so it is worth repeating.

I want to showcase the extraordinary power of sexual selection on women’s behavior using a new form of visuals improvement that most people in the west dont know about: eyelid surgery to make the eyes look bigger. Asians appear to have smaller eyes which affects their attractiveness in comparison with especially whites. So, those asian women that do appear to have smaller eyes are at a disadvantage whenever there is competition from white women or even other asian women who appear to have larger eyes either becus of natural variation or becus they have had eye surgery. Watch this film to see:

Also, more generally, think about the things women go thru to look more attractive to males (and i suppose, females as well for bisexual and homosexual women?):

  • uncomfortable footwear: difficult to walk/dance in, especially with alcohol, hurts the feet
  • uncomfortable underwear: bras too small so that they make the breasts seem more full, push-up bras, thongs
  • impractical clothing such as really tight pants that are hard to move in and get in and out of, which is extra bad for women since they need to take their pants off to urinate
  • face make-up: too many kinds to even count! (uncountably infinite?), time-consuming, costly
  • using contact lenses becus of bad eyesight but glasses are ugly
  • hair make-up: coloring (very expensive), hair spray, curling/flattening, hair extensions (even more expensive)
  • lack of adequate clothing ‘bare legs’, typically on legs which is cold especially in the winter
  • body weight control, men like women the best at borderline underweight BMIs around 18-191, exercise, ‘tightining exercise’ to make the vagina more tight
  • all kinds of Cosmetic surgery: liposuction (fat removal), eyelid surgery (that in the film), two kinds of breast surgery (augmentation and lifting), buttock augmentation, labiaplasty, lip enhancement, and alot of other minor ones i hadnt heard about before

Also, neoteny is cool:


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