Thoughts about the Sherlock series and other series with very clever protagonists

So, i have watched the Sherlock series (becus the the Swedish Mathematician© told me to do so). The reason for me to watch that series is that i like watching motion pictures1 wherein there is a character that i can identify with. Obviusly this means that there has to be some very clever character, preferably in a leading role. So, ive obviously seen House (ive seen House twice!) becus the lead character is a misanthropic genius (obviusly appeals to me). House is also good for learning new stuff. Ive learned alot becus of it by reading the Wiki articles about the episodes wherein there are links to the articles abouts the diseases that they talk about in the show. Ive seen Lie to me, also becus the lead character is a very clever person, and also misanthropic. Sherlock is alot like these two series. The main annoying thing about Sherlock is that they have made the character too good as to bordering unbelievable, even with suspended disbelief. Anyway, it is still worth watching if one absolutely must watch something with a genius/clever person leading character.

Ofc, it doesnt have to be a series, one shud also watch things such as A Beautiful Mind, Good Will Hunting2. I also want to see No Pain No Gain but i havnt been able to find it online in proper quality.

Here is a random quote that i liked from Sherlock (s02e03):

Sherlock: I don’t care what people think.
Watson: You’d care if they thought you were stupid or wrong.
Sherlock: No, that would just make them stupid or wrong.


1a fancy category that includes both TV and regular films

2in fact, when we were showed this film in class in folkeskolen (primary school), my class looked at me, indicating that i wasnt a narcissistic moron but that other people also identified me with Will, also becus another one of my first names is also Will(iam)

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