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The beginning of the end of Google?


This one is a great idea in the pre-copyright reform world.


Yes, for ebooks as well as for games. Lower prices → more sales, and more money too, since the number of sales more than makes up for the lower prices.


Craaaazy. Via THC.

“While sexting is not illegal, doing so under the age of 18 can count as child pornography. In Michigan, kids who text can be prosecuted under child pornography laws and can be sentenced with 20 years in prison if convicted. Even having sexually explicit photos on your phone is a four-year felony.”



Director/actor Melvin Van Peebles appears in several real sex scenes. His son, Mario, performed in a simulated sex scene. Van Peebles contracted a sexually transmitted disease while filming and successfully filed for worker’s compensation. While the sex scenes may have been explicit and the actor maintains that they were real, nothing is shown onscreen that could not have been faked. Nonetheless, after Peebles came up with the winning ad slogan “rated X by an all-white jury” the film’s rating was reduced to R in 1974.[11]




Interesting stuff


If a laser is swept across a distant object, the spot of laser light can easily be made to move across the object at a speed greater than c.[7] Similarly, a shadow projected onto a distant object can be made to move across the object faster than c.[8] In neither case does the light travel from the source to the object faster than c, nor does any information travel faster than light.[7][8][9][10]


Good for trolling fysicists!


Good stuff. Heinlein ftw.



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