Fixing FPS and mouse lag for Dungeon Keeper 2 on windows 8.1

After playing War for the Overworld (unofficial DK3), I felt that I needed to play the real version. So I downloaded a version of DK2 from here. The game opens and the menus work fine, but once you get into a game, the FPS drops to unplayable levels. I tried various compatibility settings but it didn’t work. However, the advice given here works:


OK, even if this is not the right post here, i say it right away.

I have bought the game from Origin, installed it and the problems begun right at start. When i started the game the bullfrog logo freezed.

Just tab out in windowns one time and tab back in game and it starts running.

When i was in the menu of the game everything worked just fine. but after i started a game in the campain i had like 2 fps and horrible mouse lags.

So here is what i did and now it runs perfectly without any problems.

Go in the game menu in OPTIONS – GRAPHICS OPTION and change the resulution to 640 x 480. (maybe u have to deactived Hardware accelerations too)

You wont believe but it was that easy and the game runs fine now.

I hope this helps a few players who bought this game.

I’m just putting it here for future reference in case I forget or something else has the same problem.