Another political bias test

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I stumbled upon another political bias test:

Basically, you will be given 10 questions: 5 about why US-style conservatives favor/oppose a given policy, and 5 why US-style liberals favor/oppose, the same policy. It is a multiple-choice format. Your score is then calculated simply after comparison with the answers given to the same survey by people who say they are conservative/liberal.

Does it work? I guess. It has a sampling problem in that people who take political surveys on the internet aren’t going to be representative of these political groups, and so if one is answering about the actual political group, one might get it slightly wrong. Another problem is that the score is based only on 5 items, which must mean fairly large sampling error. Of course, other problems include it using a 1-dimensional model of political opinions despite the evidence saying that this isn’t a good model of the data and that it is US-centric.

Despite that:

You identified yourself as slightly liberal. Your score in correctly choosing conservatives’ reasoning (based on answers given by self-identified conservatives to date) was 4 out of 5 questions.
Your score in identifying conservatives’ reasoning is as good as or better than 97 percent of others who are slightly liberal.

The result is fairly in line with my prior results. I picked slightly liberal because by US standards I’m slightly towards less freedom on the economic distribution dimension, but by the Danish standard, I’m somewhat towards more freedom.