The Polgár sisters of … camming?

h/t to SSC for leading to me discovering the most curious thing. So it turns out there’s a camgirl with an interesting blog featuring things like evidence-based camgirling (why not?) and a subjective experience based model of LSD tripping (based on doing LSD for every week for 10 months?!). Looking over her Twitter reveals that she has not one, but two sisters who are also camgirls!

To say that the youngest one was eager to turn 18 and join her sisters would be an understatement:

I guess this does put sibling rivalry into a new, slightly more explicit, light!

The two younger ones even arrange shows together:

There’s also some sisterly encouragement from the oldest:

OP delivers.

Kek level humor.

So if you’re into camgirls, this trio is definitely right up there in terms of interestingness.

PS. For those who don’t get the title.

PPS. I’ve done magic mushrooms (psilocin) maybe 15 times as well as salvia and ketamine but never LSD, and her subjective experiential model resonates with my own experiences. (This text should have been near the top, but I could not find a way to have it there without ruining the flow, so, now it’s here.)

PPPS. Unfortunately, I could not find a picture with the trio in one shot. Yes, I did look thru several hundred photos.