On Nazism and Jews

This sort of thing should not be necessary. However, due to long time mentally ill online stalker Oliver D. Smith (see here), and various people who repeat his lies and distortions, writing something like this has become necessary.

At various times, my colleagues are accused of being connected to me, “well-known neo-Nazi” (as one random blog put it). So here’s a blogpost summarizing my various statements on Nazis, Hitler and Jews.

A little personal history

My great grandfather was a somewhat famous Danish artist (Harald Engman) who got into trouble for making fun of Nazis. He had to flee to Sweden. I have posted about it publicly:

He was married to a partially Jewish women (i.e. my great grandmother, paternal side). I took a genetic test to confirm this, and it shows I have partial Jewish ancestry. Thus, the critics have a rather poor taste in calling someone a Nazi, when the person is both Jewish and has family history of anti-Nazism! Curiously, Helmuth Nyborg, who is the most famous Danish IQ researcher, family was also active in the Danish resistance. Lesson: anti-authoritarians often end up battling totalitarians, whatever uniforms these come in.

Jewish intelligence and achievement

I have written in support of Jewish achievement many times, both in published work and on Twitter. It’s somewhat of a big mystery why someone who is allegedly a Nazi would publish research showing Ashkenazi Jews to be smarter than Europeans for genetic reasons. I have published two studies that investigated Jews or mentioned them:


Nazi misbehavior

Furthermore, I have often been critical on Hitler and Nazis publicly:

Thus, by published record, I am obviously not very supportive of Nazism, and fairly pro-Jewish as far as HBDers go. My favorite scientist is Arthur Jensen (I created his memorial site), who was 25% Jewish (and 25% Danish). I have been critical of Kevin MacDonald-type group selection models publicly, for instance in this blogpost.

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