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The fire brigade: Ewan Birney to the rescue

Ewan Birney, “Director of EMBL-EBI with an insatiable love of biology; small research group on genomics research.”. He earlier embarrased himself by writing a zero-sources, full of errors pseudoscientific piece on race. Nevertheless, since the wings favor his ideology, it’s time for another ‘explained’ to attempt to convince you against what your eyes see:

We know someone is lying when they suddenly turn all mealymouthed whereas normally they are clear in speech. In this regard, it is worth quoting his comrades, who explicitly set out their own heroic status in their Marxist anti-science book Not in our genes:

Critics of biological determinism are like members of a fire brigade, constantly being called out in the middle of the night to put out the latest conflagration, always responding to immediate emergencies, but never with the leisure to draw up plans for a truly fireproof building. Now it is IQ and race, now criminal genes, now the biological inferiority of women, now the genetic fixity of human nature. All of these deterministic fires need to be doused with the cold water of reason before the entire intellectual neighborhood is in flames. Critics of determinism seem, then, to be doomed to constant nay-saying, while readers, audiences, and students react with impatience to the perpetual negativity. “You keep telling us about the errors and misrepresentations of determinists,” they say, “but you never have any positive program for understanding human life.” In the words of Lumsden and Wilson, defending their Genes, Mind, and Culture against those who accuse it of extreme determinist reductionism, critics should “fish or cut bait.”

That’s right. These people, despite their professions “insatiable love of biology”, don’t really have an urge to understand nature. They have an urge to control what others think. That’s any political ideologues dream, but some people are more honest with themselves than others.