Very random post, bear with me.

So while waiting for some genomics to run…

… I was listening to old music from my teenage years. Had a particular foreign song without a title, but quite good. Easy to identify using Shazam. It’s this one:

The music video is also very weird. It gets better though. This song was performed in Germany at some dance show in 2003:

I probably don’t have to tell you that Germans don’t understand Indian languages. But then, guy in the comments drops the bomb:

And it checks out:

So, Indians “performing” a slight remix of an old song while pretending to sing on stage at a dance award show for an audience that doesn’t understand a word.

Bonus, but this other song by the same people featuring “Blonde Travolta” and “Angry Sikh” is quite worth watching.

 There is also a boring modern version, but not watch watching.