I oppose coercive eugenic policies, so don’t try to quote mine my blunt discussion as support for such policies. Hollywood has a new anti-eugenics movie out, called The Thinning. There’s a trailer, and it will likely spoil the entire movie for you, but I reckon it will be crappy anyway, so: For those too lazy […]

From reddit www.reddit.com/r/genetics/comments/1z1tli/design_your_own_baby_a_genetic_ethics_dilemma/cfqrlol Zorander22 writes: 1) I would wager a guess that most people are capable of far more than they’re current employment situations might indicate. The idea that machines are taking over increasingly complex tasks is an important one… which, depending on how wealth gets distributed, could ensure an easy future for many people, […]

From Reddit. – Two reasons. 1) Technological unemployment. This is going fast right now. Already a large part of the population is useless and can only leech on society economically. This percent is due to increase quickly soon when automated cars become mainstream which will shortly make most drivers workless. There are thousands of people […]

Interesting small book that casts light on the use of sterilizations in nordic countries. It shows quite clearly that eugenics has it origin in collectivist and socialist thinking and was supported by most parties in the 20-40s. Clearly not just something the nazis did (and did wrong).   www.goodreads.com/book/show/3831890-eugenics-and-the-welfare-state   In Sweden, however, th e […]

Found here: whatwemaybe.org/ The homepage is really weird, but the book turned out to be… pretty good. At first I was not impressed, especially because he went into insufficient details with the g factor and stuff related to that. But really g factor or not, is somewhat unrelated to eugenics. It contains some interesting quotes […]

I have/had this conversation on OKCupid. It seemed shareworthy. I’m red, and the other person is blue. — Your profile mentions eugenics as an interest… is that from a pro or anti stance? Or neutral? – Pro, although not like how eugenics was practiced in Europe in the 30’s. Big supporter of liberal eugenics, with […]

infoproc.blogspot.dk/2012/07/whole-genome-sequence-from-10-to-20.html “This new Nature paper describes a genotyping technique that can be performed using only a small number of human cells. One implication is that we are close to non-destructive sequencing of human gametes and zygotes. For example, parents participating in IVF can potentially genotype fertilized eggs before deciding which to implant. “ also infoproc.blogspot.dk/2010/10/maxwells-demon-and-genetic-engineering.html […]

“Most importantly, Galton and all other eugenicists prior to the 1970s made the fundamental error of believing that heredity is a means by which nature reproduces organisms. Today we know that fundamentally the truth of heredity is the exact opposite of this apparently obvious situation: organisms evolve to reproduce their DNA (the organic polymer that […]