Danish (and other languajes with the definit article as a sufix) and abreviations


I noticed one thing today wile reeding Wikipedia articles (a hoby of mine that consumes a surprisingly larj amount of time). Supose one wanted to abreviate “konsentration” (equiv. of EN “koncentration”). One myt use “kons.”. But sins that in DA definit articles ar aded as sufixes to words and ar not expresed with a (stand alone) word, how does that work?

One cud go for “kons.en” but that wud be very od and probably seen as a mistake by the reeder.

One cud go for “konsen” but that is a bad idea for two reesons: 1) It is not very clear to the reeder that it is actualy the definit form of “kons.” now that the dot is mising. 2) it risks confusion with another word if ther hapens to be a word speled “[abreviation]+[definit article sufix]”, e.g. if ther hapened to be a word speled “konsen”.

One cud go for “kons’en”, and this is the most comon solution, but it is again suboptimal becus now the dot is mising wich is the normal indicator that the word (or ‘word’ if it is an acronym like VCR) is an abreviation.

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