The David Nutt afaer

Kwit in protest and sum koments

Mor bakground

“He said: “There is a view – and the Home Secretary takes this view – that you cannot make a comparison and it is misleading because some things are legal and other things are illegal.

“I think there are a significant number of people who agree with me as well that these kinds of comparisons are useful. I certainly didn’t intend to cause offence to the victims of ecstasy or their families. One death is one too many.”

But his earlier comments were criticised by victims’ families. Pauline Sumner, whose daughter Julie died in 2000 in Birmingham after her drink was spiked with half a tab of ecstasy, said: “Maybe Prof Nutt should try losing a daughter to that drug the way I did and perhaps he wouldn’t be so flippant about it in future.“

The stupid. It hurts.

The ieronikal thing is that the inkreesing strength of the drugs is itself a result of drug policys. The reeson for that is this: the drugs ar ileegal in English, so thae ar prodoosed outsied English and imported. Wen importing ileegal things, it is much beter if the material is as smorl as posibl. Wun wae of doing this is to inkrees the strength of the produkt. This hapens for meny drugs cf. Leap’s End Prohibition Now!.

The sientifik paepers

Equasy — An overlooked addiction with implications for the current debate on drug harms

“The current maximum penalties are as follows: Class A drugs: for possession – 7-year imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine; for supply – life imprisonment and/or fine; Class B drugs: for possession – 5-year imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine; for supply – 14-year imprisonment and/or fine; Class C drugs: For possession – 2-year imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine; For supply – 14-year imprisonment and/or fine.”

Thae must be kraezy! Lief sentens for seling MDMA or LSD? Idiots.

The paeper is graet. I wud kwout the gud parts but the problem is that it is oenly a fue pajes long. If i kwoeted the gud stuf, i wud hav to kwoet the entier paeper!

Other paepers


Drug harms in the UK a multicriteria decision analysis

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