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Mankind Quarterly historical archive at

Many people don’t know this, so I am posting here to increase awareness. Ron Unz (of fame) has a hobby of collecting scanned versions of older periodicals, anything goes basically, especially fringe stuff, or stuff considered bad by modern standards (woke standards). The result is a massive, public, searchable archive. Unfortunately, it is not properly indexed by Google, so one will not generally find the material without looking there directly. The archive is massive, covering at writing about 1.3 million articles.

One of the publications covered is the Mankind Quarterly historical archive, which spans from 1960 to 2004. The articles in the later period are covered by the current offering on Mankind Quarterly, though these are protected. Generally speaking, one can find them via ResearchGate or other hosted versions. Various people, like me, have complete access to the catalog, so can fetch something that is needed. Here’s how the inaugural issue of Mankind looks like: