Review of Jeffrey Dhywood’s World War-D

One can support the author by buying ‘the book’ from his site. This applies for the ebook version as well. Alternatively, one can just click here: World war-D Altho i recommend supporting the author in this case.

The book is a decent book on drug prohibition. It has a history (with lots of speculative stuff) of how drug laws came to be, and how the laws have changed over time. It has alot of data about how much the drug war costs the US. Some of the claims are pretty dodgy, especially those that lack sources. It is not an academic book and one shud be skeptical about some of the claims. It is however an easy read. At the end, it has something that much of this kind of material lacks, namely some discussion of how to actually reform the laws. It is still mostly about the US and at an international level. So, someone needs to take a closer look at specific countries’ policies and make concrete recommendations for those countries. I intend to do that for Denmark soon.

A better introduction into why one shud legalize drugs is’s material, in particular End Prohibition Now! which is also much shorter.

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