But they didnt control for IQ which is strange. They even mention it that one can spot intelligent people:

“As far as empirical findings in support of the accuracy of judgments based on

facial appearance, the evidence is sparse but generally positive. To date, accurate

assessments from facial appearance have been found in the domains of intelligence,

willingness to deceive, criminality, sexual orientation, certain personality traits (e.g.,

social dominance, interpersonal warmth), and aggressive tendencies. For instance, Alley

(1988) found that people could assess levels of intelligence at better-than-chance levels

based on facial appearance alone (though concerns with their methodology have been

raised because of their photograph selection criteria) (Berry & Finch Wero, 1993).”

So why didnt they control for intelligence? At least, they did control for attractiveness, so one cant spot intelligent people just becus they are more attractive. It is obvious to correct for intelligence since it is widely known that criminals are less intelligent. Perhaps one can spot the criminals by looking for cues of intelligence.


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