Keeping up to date with information and news with RSS feeds

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a clever way to keep up to date with a source of information. Basically, an RSS feed is an automatic system of keeping up to date with a source of information. Sites that have RSS feeds automatically update these when the publish a new article/post. The information in the feed is standardized so that it can easily be read. RSS feeds is the fastest way to follow the headlines.

The reader i use is just Firefox, which has native support for RSS feeds. The screenshot below is a picture of me viewing a newspaper’s feed in Firefox.

But which feeds to follow?

Below i will list all the feeds that i currently follow. The list is slowly growing. I will also put a small explanation of the website in question. Naturally, i don’t read all the news on all of these. I look closer at the headlines that sound interesting.

Primarily or wholly danish news sources

I keep up to date with a bunch of danish newspapers. I shud probably add a few more. Especially local newspapers are currently missing.


Popular danish newspaper. Used to be thought of as being centric/social-liberal. General purpose.

Danmarks Radio

Public service news source. General purpose.

Similar to Danmarks Radio, except that it is privately owned (AFAIK).

Jyllands Posten

Newspaper. Usually thought of as being a bit on the right side of the political spectrum. General purpose.


Similar to the above.


Newspaper targeted at engineers and science-interested people.

Newspaper targeted at left-leaning academics (most of them).

Tabloid-ish newspaper targeted at worker-class males.

Same as above.

Meta-newspaper targeted at liberal (european sense) people. Often just links to other newspapers or sources of information along with short commentaries. But also sometimes publishes essays. A very active comment section.

Anne Sophia Hermansen’s blog

A female blogger interested in gender politics. Right-leaning.

Technology, copyright, patent, gaming oriented sources

TorrentFreak – feed2:

News, comments to news and essays about things related to copyright, patent, file-sharing and related politics.


Similar to the above, but has a more broad focus. Is more often updated. (&co)

Similar to the two above, but is run by members of pirate parties. Is more evengelical.

Ars Technica

General purpose tech and science news.


Similar to the above, but with less science and more tech news.

Danish tech news site. Has a lively comment section.

Sister-site to Focuses on news related to gaming.

Guildwars 2 blog

Blog related to the development of the upcoming game, Guild Wars 2.

Related to the above. Blog of the company that made Guild Wars 1 and is currently developing Guild Wars 2.

Science related news sources

Information Processing

Blog of a professor of fysics who often comments on other things. Usually psychology and behavioral genetics.

Evolutionary Psychology journal

Feed with papers published in the journal. Open access.

Evolutionary Psychology » Blog

Blog associated with the above.

Gene Expression

Science blog about psychology, behavior genetics, population genetics, genetics, politics, history, atheism.


Similar to the above, but less serious.


Misanthrope Girl blog

Blog of a british girl/woman who is misanthropic.


Filosofy blog. Mostly about logic and filosofy of logic. Seems to be dead now.

Measure of Doubt

Blog related to rationality, science, filosofy. Run by a bother and sister pair.


Blog run by a friend of mine. Is generally about science in a generalist fashion. Has lots of good links.

Non Compos Mentis

Another blog by a friend of mine. Apparently mostly consists of fiction. I haven’t looked closer yet.

Half Sigma

Blog related to being contrarian, american politics. Not quite sure.

Clear Language, Clear Mind

The blog ur reading. :)

Klart Sprog, Klart Sind

Sister-blog to this blog. Mostly about the same things except in danish. More focus on danish news.

Fun stuff

Science oriented webcomic.


Filosofy oriented webcomic.

Mimi and Eunice

Copyright related webcomic.


A danish counterpart to Onion News. A satire newspaper.

Cyanide and Happiness

Webcomic for depressive, cynical people.

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