Regarded Avaaz and the Peter Sunde petition

Given this:

and this

I was one of the persons who sent in a complaint with Avaaz own system. I used a generic one found in the comment section on TorrentFreak (By Aelius Blythe)

“You’ll delete almost a hundred thousand voices? Will you? As you must know, the number of supporters for the petition to grant Peter Sunde’s plea for pardon has reached over 90,000 – a number that is growing by the second.  The hypocrisy of even considering removing this petition – a campaign concerning a lawful plea for pardon – is astounding when you have kept up petitions concerning abortion, gay rights, and numerous other topics that are highly offensive to many people.But this has little to do with the content of the petition in question.  It has to do with using what seems to be extremely flimsy logic to jeopardize the voices of nearly 100,000 people.Looking at the numbers beside Peter Sunde’s petition ticking up and up and up, I guess that, should our voices be deleted, I will not be alone in never trusting my name to Avaaz again.  Is there any reason I should?”

Interestingly, i got an answer back from Avaaz

“Dear Emil,

Thanks for your email about the pardon for Peter Sunde petition. Avaaz is a member-driven, member-funded global advocacy organization and that makes accountability to the community part of our DNA — one way we ensure this accountability is by polling all community petitions that are flagged as possibly inappropriate. Once flagged, the petition text is automatically inserted into a poll, using a standard set of questions, and sent to a small randomized sample of our membership. This was the poll you saw. Based on the poll results, we are happy to report that this petition was supported to remain on the site! 

You also mentioned that you saw the petition featured on the community petitions homepage, but later noticed it was no longer displayed on that page. We get hundreds of great petitions started each week, and unfortunately only a few of them can be featured, so we do often change the campaigns featured on the home page. 

Hope that helps, thanks for getting in touch!

Emily, for the Avaaz team”

So, apparently, we were too quick to judge them. It was just an automatic system. That’s good news!

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