Women in prisons in percent

I stumbled across some Men Right’s Activist websites, which i had not payed particularly attention to before, and found something that sounded dubious:

  • There are roughly 5100 men in Swedish prisons and almost 300 women – which is the most disproportionate inmates number by gender in Europe and an obvious proof of leniency propensity on the behalf of the prosecutors and judges when it comes to female criminals;

So naturally i tried to verify that. I found some data and … it was wrong.


Including all the shit countries like Bosnia does not put Sweden on the bottom i.e. with the “most disproportionate inmates number by gender in Europe” as claimed. Even excluding shit countries (anything not northern european minus Ireland) does not help either. France comes at the bottom with 3.3% women. Danmark 3.9%, Norge 5.3%, Sverige 5.8%, Finland 6.7%. Sweden actually comes somewhat near the top, meaning that they are less disproportionate than the other euro countries.

So, either this was an odd case, or MRA’s are quite possibly just as bad as feminists at making shit up / uncritically accepting dubious sounding numbers. Who knows.