Sociology/political science journal?

I am considering starting another OpenPsych journal focused on sociology and political science. This is because I need somewhere to publish my S factor papers and I want an open science journal, with open data, code, and review. My guess is that such a journal does not exist right now, so I will have to start one. To do this I need a review team. Since submissions are probably going to be few, this means that it is not a very time consuming job. If we use the policy of generally recruiting 1 ad hoc external reviewer for every submission, this means that only 2 internal reviewers are needed for submissions.

So far I have asked Noah Carl who said that he would be “happy to review something now and again”. To start the journal, we probably need someone like >=5 people.

To be a reviewer you should be familiar with research in the area and have substantial expertise in statistics. The latter is most important. Please write me an email if you are interested in this.