Battle of the sexes: island survival edition

I don’t know of any scientific studies, but there’s been a bunch of shows where they put teams of women and men on islands and had them try to survive etc. The results were quite predictable, though I want to note that the producers could have biased things by picking particularly incompetent women and competent men. Given the left-wing bias in the media, seems unlikely they would have done such a thing. In fact, they probably did it the other way around to minimize any outcome gaps.

I didn’t find any more formal review of these, so here’s my attempted at a more curated list. I have downloaded copies of these videos in case for when Youtube deletes them as being too accurate of reality insensitive.

A lot of these are not in English. It seems that every country tried these on their own and had to learn the result that way. Most of them have subs.

Commentaries by others, mostly redpill-y people:


Dutch Expedition Robinson (Survivor)

The original video was deleted, I found another one. The new one lacks the built-in subtitles, but someone (Gee Trieste) posted them in the youtube comments. I repost here for posterity.

woman 1: “Welcome on Uma (name of island)!”

black haired woman: Stay in the water we’ll give you a fishing rod immediately.

Frizzy blonde: “We already have a little list with all kinds of tasks for you”

Surfer (I guess?); “I was kinda greeted, like a guest…but you could also say I was greeted like a guest labourer”

Frizzy Blonde; “Say I have a fun little list here; Fishing Making fire Woodchopping, of course, because in physical terms we are inferior, we do the absolutely necessary things.

Random woman: “Hey I have cut wood before”

Frizzy: “Yeah but it’s not like we got mountains of it.” “But what we would also like a lot; good conversation and being able to raise the morale” Random woman: “Your presence alone will already do good for us, I think”

Surfer starts speech: “You kinda have to see it like sports, you have to consider yourself a team, like with volleyball you are also a team, and you also dont out any of your teammates. Here you are together as a team, then you also have to act like you are a team. And sure there might be things that you think of someone else “yeah but I dont like that she does that in that way”, but you have to do it as a team.


Woman: “it looks super. I thought I landed on a dream island. A nice hut, sleeping spots, dining table. It was like a cafe on the beach. Only need a cocktail to finish it.”

Man with headscarf: “We are very interested in what your island looks like.”

Woman: “I would have to say something different (implicit comparison where she says the men have it far better than the women)”

Back at Uma

“While Raymond (apparently surfer’s name) is labouring, the women simply don’t stop talking about their new hero”

Black haired woman: “I think it’s cool that he said what I’ve been wanting to say for 12 days now. Have respect for each other.”

Frizzy: “I hope he can be the influence that makes us become more like ourselves(!) and stop doing this stupid shit.”

Woman to Raymond: “You’re busy cleaning up aren’t you?”


Woman:”We are having fun sunbathing. They say you should squeeze your slaves dry right?”


“On mensirip Christina has also gotten a fitting task”

Christina: “I absolutely dont mind to do this. I was scared I would be chosen as some sort of manservant. I expected they would let me do shitty tasks. ”

Man: “She’s really a cutie. Very direct, spontaneous, and open. And she’s from Antwerp.” Cue some song of Antwerp that I never heard before.


Women singing.

“Alies and Raymond have chosen to go to a quiet spot, to great hilarity of the other women” Frizzy:”On the little hill, the little mountain, woo!”

Blackhaired women some satirical shit in very proper Dutch I cant be bothered to translate

Frizzy’s name is Holleke: “I think there’s a special bond between Alies and Raymond. You can see that they have a certain click with each other.”

Alies: “You have pulled me through it (??? I dont get the context either. I am assuming she means he has given them a kick under the butt of some sort)”

Raymond: “No you do that to yourself, I only give a bit of energy.” “Giving up is the easiest thing to do, it is the easiest way. Lets go back we dont want to give the wrong idea”.

Christina and Raymond now have to point out the most complete “Robinson” (- reference to robinson crusoe obviously):

Raymond chooses Holleke/Frizzy Christina chooses Derk/Dirk

Show guy: “These two coouples will form two new camps. The camps will be divided anew. In a minute, Dirk and Holleke, and their secondants, will take it up with each other in the test. And the couple that wins, may not only choose which camp they take, but also on which island they may live.”

Derk and Christina win the hard firsttest, where a canoe has to be gotten above sea. Derk chooses Menserip as island. He chooses his cooking buddy Olivier.

Ok so this is simply a redivision of people in new camps, its really only interesting for people who have actually followed this show.

Walter: “We actually had it pretty good; everything was easy and fluid.” Holleke;”yeah we can sing tonight!”

For Walter its quite a shock when he gets confronted with what the women’s camp looked like on Uma.

Walter: “We built everything up together, have kept reserves, acting well-thought-out, and then you get pulled away from your mates by fate and ploppled on another island where they have lived quite a dissolute life. It’s kind of a garbage heap, and then you think to yourself “Damn I have to clean up all this too?””

Raymond: “Yeah I was also unpleasantly surprised. At least I’m happy I have got some people around me who I built up the other camp”

Walter: “The other camp was quite a bit more comfortable”

Raymond: “For sure”

Walter:”We should try not to bitch too much.”

Raymond: “Yes we have to try to make something from scratch”

“The arrival at camp North at Mensirip takes place in a far more relaxed atmosphere. The ladies are happy they have arrived on the Men’s island.”

Loes: “you would think women would have everything all neat and tidy, but our place was more like a trashcan. And here everything IS neat and tidy.”

“At camp South Walter cannot fathom that the women have created such a mess”

I cannot grasp everything that is being said here.

Walter: “I dont get how you can then still cause so much debris individually”

Holleke:”What do you mean, individually?”

Walter:”Well something here, something there, its everywhere”

Holleke:”Well nobody wants to listen to each other”

Walter:”I would expect from a woman that they would keep their clothes in a bag, that you close that bag in such a way, that they remain dry”

Holleke:”I also have my own little spot here because I grew tired of loosing stuff. I lost my rain coat, then I lost my sheets, then this, then that (implying it got stolen I think)”

Walter: “Yeah we had that too, then you would ask “hey boys have you seen my sheets?” and then they would say “yeah here I got it””

Holleke: “Yeah I think you have to be careful with your things and you have to use them for a long time. So I put my things there, and you (the other women) dont get your hands on it”

Walter: “I guarantee you within half an hour, you will get in a massive fight with someone.”

Holleke: “Us?! No way. We have never had fights.”

Walter: Not that relevant, dont truly get what he means

“After a heavy storm that night, Camp North wakes up. The men immediately start working to get the fire up and working. Annelies, again, has a breakdown.”

Annelies (this is Alies, got her name wrong initially): “I was probably crying for at least 2 hours. I was up. I can feel myself break. ”

“Christina is worried, and tries to cheer her up”

Christina: “Next time you feel so down, try to look at the bright sides, and try to bite through it. You only have to do this once. You have to bite through it and be hard for yourself. Right now you have a little depression every two days. Just keep going.”

Annelies:”I just keep telling myself I will leave”

Christina: “Try to benefit from the fusion”

Annelies: “I will try my best but I can’t promise anything”

At Uma

“The men of camp South are busy trying to make their camp more livable. The women watch appreciatingly.”

Holleke:” I have to say it looks quite a bit more ordered and cleaned up. Then you also feel like doing work yourself again. Now its all cozy again, and neat. Now only for a few washing lines where we can hang the laundry. And we should also get rid of all the garbage cuz that doesnt look nice at all either”

Woman: “I read an interview with a sociologist and he said that if we had depended on women, we would still be living in the stone age. I start believing it more and more!” Woman 2: “You shouldn’t say that!” Woman 1: “Yeah but its true. We have all lived like a bunch of pigs together” Holleke: “Well I don’t really like to be called that” Woman 1:”Yeah but it’s true though” Holleke: “I want pancakes”

Walter:”I put oil in the cooking pan, and that oil was simply some brown muddish substance for the first 4-5 minutes cuz the pan simply wasn’t clean. Expected a whole lot differently from the women. What I have to do is clean up the mess and set order here, and wait for what the tests will become.”

Survivor UK

Maybe also has another name. Unclear.

(These apparently were deleted)

Survivor USA

The Island with Bear Grylls (UK)

Season 2 Episode 4

Feminists complained in season 1 that there were no women, so the host added a women team, and their performance you can see below.

I think video is maybe a summary of the season? It’s hilarious.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more of these, but I didn’t immediately find them again when writing this post.

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