Data coder needed

Research assistant job for 15 USD/hour.

I need to estimate the percentage of English speakers per country for use in a study as a control variable. I want to use Wikitravel information. We find phrases discussing the English ability of ~230 countries/territories, such as:

  • “English is spoken by almost no one, even in the capital.”
  • “English is the most popular foreign language. [] study English in school from an early age, and it is commonly understood in []. Older people are generally unable to converse in proper English and some knowledge of Hebrew will come in handy. All street and road signs (and many others) have English names, as well as the [] and Arabic names.”
  • “Nearly all [] (including the totality of people you are likely to encounter– taxi and minibus drivers, shopkeepers, restaurant and hotel personnel, and government employees) speak serviceable English with a heavy Caribbean accent.”

Phrases need to be coded on a 1 to 5 scale of “English familiarity”.

This is based on gestalt impression given from the quoted discussion of age distribution, regional distribution, schooling, official language status, ability to get around with English, etc.: This is medium complicate task involving reading excerpts and making a judgement.

It needs to be done as soon as possible, preferably within 2 weeks.

Contact:, title as “data coder”


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