What you can’t say: genetic group difference edition

Paul Graham‘s 2004 essay What you can’t say had a big influence on me and remains my favorite essay. In he argued essentially that popular morality shows fashion tendencies i.e. that it varies over time but for no evidence-linked reason. What is at one time considered a grievous moral evil is later considered not a big deal, and the other way around. Graham did not mention anything related to race in his essay, but he mentioned that physicists are much smarter than humanities people. Apparently, this was hotly enough disputed that he wrote a follow up. Though academics at times deny it, intelligence is the most important trait. We have literally named our species after it (homo sapiens, thinking man).

I’ve already discussed Eric Turkheimer before, but his continued scientifically nonsensical incoherence on this topic means that we will have to do another post.

Behold, I present you the list of party approved OK traits for studying between group differences

OK – studying these is science as usual, carry on

NOT OK – you are racist and a pseudoscientist

  • Intelligence

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