New paper out: Human Biodiversity for Beginners: A Review of Charles Murray’s Human Diversity

Human Diversity is Charles Murray’s latest book. This review evaluates the claims made in the book and places both the author’s theses and their criticisms in their historical context. It concludes that this book is valuable as an updated summary of current knowledge about psychological differences (in the averages) between genders, races, and social classes. As such it is a useful introduction into the field for everyone interested in it.

The long awaited review. Actually, I read the book back in … (checks GoodReads)… January 4th. But here it is. Some others reviews by informed readers:

These are reviews by people I reckon have some informed knowledge of the field, either because they are themselves scientists (at least sometimes), or because they are avid readers of the literature.

By big media for contrast, I don’t know any of the authors:

I didn’t read any of these reviews before writing my own, so mine is not colored by theirs.