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Missing Arthur Jensen videos: money if you can find them!

We are always looking to expand our Arthur Jensen coverage ( Recently, we got a tip that some video material exist somewhere that we don’t have. Specifically:

While critical of most mass media coverage of the issue, Jensen has the highest praise for the presentations by some of the “quick studies” who have interviewed him—Joseph Alsop, Lee Edson (The New York Times Magazine), Morton Hunt (Playboy), Dan Seligman (Fortune), and Mike Wallace (for two episodes of CBS’s 60 Minutes). But, Jensen says, media pieces should not and cannot decide what is scientifically correct. What is important is that readers and viewers understand how behavioral scientists approach such questions.

Jensen: I’d like to see these really tough questions tried on a journalist or a professor of journalism! Not having worked on that side of the equation, I haven’t given these matters as much thought as they deserve. But I have been interviewed by many journalists, in the print, radio, and TV media, and what I have noticed is that some do a much better job than others, and this usually has to do with their preparation and understanding of the subject under discussion. Theirs is really an exceedingly difficult task, because they’re not in a position to become highly expert in every particular subject that they are assigned to write or interview about. I really admire the people who, in my own experience, have done this exceptionally well. The names that immediately come to mind are Joseph Alsop, Lee Edson, Morton Hunt, Dan Seligman, and Mike Wallace, who interviewed me on two occasions for the 60 Minutes TV programs. I was rather amazed at how well prepared and knowledgeable they came for their interviews with me. They’re all obviously brilliant fellows.

Quotes from Frank Miele’s book interview with Jensen.

Looking at IMDB, there seems to be some missing video material:

We put a 100 EUR finders fee for readers who can find us a copy of the missing videos (100 for each)