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13/52 is out, 3/18 is in

The American Jewish hate organization ADL famously has a funny list of forbidden words and numbers. One recent addition to their list of ‘hate symbols’ is 13/52. For the uninitiated, this refers to African Americans being 13% of the US population but committing 52% of the violent crime, at least in some years. There’s a hilarious 2014 ‘fact-check’ (i.e. official narrative) of this claim, which begrudgingly notes it is correct, but then misdirects into talking about racism and poverty. Since talking about Black crime is more or less a social no-can-do, one can force attention to it using the meme format. This of course leads the narrative defenders to attack the meme itself, thus listing what is essentially just government statistics as a hate symbol. How far we have fallen!

There is of course no way one can think rationally about public policy when certain facts of very high importance are systematically denied or hidden. This is what Charles Murray was at pains to point out in his recent, somewhat more spicy book Facing Reality: Two Truths about Race in America:

In the name of public understanding of truth, I can reveal that truth has a new meme on it’s side: 3/18.

Thus, despite making up 3% of the population, Blacks are 18% of convicted homicide suspects in England and Wales, i.e., a ratio of 6. For Whites, the values are 85/68, so a ratio of 0.8. The Black-White ratios are thus 7.5 for homicide. Wikipedia tells us (still!) that in the USA “The per-capita offending rate for African-Americans was roughly eight times higher than that of whites, and their victim rate was similar.”. As such, the disparity in terms of Black-White is about the same across the Atlantic.