Review: Ben Goldacre – Bad Science

Recently, i hav been reeding som books on alternativ medicin (the other being Trick or treatment: Alternative Medicine on Trial) and sience in general. This is one of them. It is eesy to reed, and funny at times. I recommend it to peeple that want to no the eevils of alternativ medicin and mainstreem medicin as well, as they ar certainly not innocent eether. It is very bashing towards journalists, but IMO they deserv it so i am happy that somone spent the time exposing their eevils. I hate journalists with a passion but as the author also remarks, they ar going away (perhaps not compleetly tho), and bloggers ar taking over. It is interesting to note, as the author also notes, that even tho they ar fighting for their life, they ar still terrible at their job; they misreport sience a great deel, they rely way too much on authority figurs (typically, one is chosen from eether side of som debate and they hav a couple of quotes from both ‘experts’), and ofen their articles ar just parafrases of the latest reuters news with no additional content or anything. Disgusting. If i wanted to reed reuters news, i cud just go to their website. Heck, i cud use google translate to get it in danish too if i so wanted. Amazingly, i hav managed on multiple occasions to find factual errors wen the journalists wher just refrasing reuters. How that happened is a mystery.

If u think this book may be for u, or just that the subject is interesting, the author recently went to TED to give a talk and it is available below.

For those that want to reed it, i hav uploaded it for u. U can also find it on

Ben Goldacre – Bad Science <- PDF, but not particularly pretty

The author also has a website here. I added his blog to my RSS reeder. :)

ETA: Funyly enof, i got a DMCA take-down notis about this book. Oh noes, kopyryt shit. I deleeted the PDF file and put a link to a plase wher one kan download it but isn’t my site.

ETA2: Another kopyryt klaim. I remooved the epub as wel. I left the link to the book. So this wil hav prety much no efekt as the book is stil redyly available –  for free, as it shud be. It is unfortunate that the author is not very nolejable about how kopyryt works and wants to pul his book from the net. Tsk tsk!

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