Proposal for a Wikipedia-based studi of adult actreses kognitiv abilitis


Having reesentli diskovered that at leest one adult aktor1 who has a very hy IQ, namely, Asia Carrera with a reported IQ of 156.2 I wondered if ther is a korelation, positiv or negativ, between the adult aktres profesion and IQ. Ther ar som reesons to ekspekt a positiv korelation:

  • IQ korelates with karing les about what society thinks of one, (konjektur)
  • society at larj has a very negativ atitude towards porn aktors,
  • thus, everything els equal: the efekt of societi’s dislike of porn aktors has les efekt on hyer IQ (wud be) aktors,


  • IQ korelates negativly with relijius beleefs3,
  • jeneraly, relijius beleefs ar against porn,
  • thus, everything els equal: the efekt of relijius beleefs has les efekt on hyer IQ (wud be) aktors

Ther is also independent reeson to want to go into porn for feemales bekus: it is eesi, wel-payed and requires no formal edukation.

Against the main hypothesis is this:

  • IQ korelates with geting a beter edukation,
  • the beter edukation one has, the les one needs moni from other sorses,
  • the primari reeson to get into porn is the moni,
  • thus, everything els equal: the efekt of the primari reeson to get into porn is smaller on hyer IQ peeple

But again, wile one is geting an edukation, moni is tyt, so perhaps ther is ekstra reeson in those years to get into porn.


  1. Find a list of Wikipedia pajes wich kontain lists of porn aktors,
  2. Make an algorithm that for eech paj:
    1. Identify all the links on that paj that ar about an adult aktor
    2. Chek that paj for relevant keywords
    3. Output information about wich pajes has a relevant keyword
      1. Remoov duplikates, note wich keewords ar found on wich paj, sort for sex
  3. Do data analysis of the data found.

List of Wikipedia pajes with porn aktors


The keewords ar: {IQ, intelligence, mensa}


1Note also, how the kategori “adult aktor” is not the konjunktion of the kategoris “adult” and “aktor”.



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