Something about rationality

I recently stumbled upon this profile on OKCupid (her profile, my profile). She is obviously a very bright person and well-read as well. So prominent that i shud have heard of her, given that she has nearly identical interests to me. So, i used my Google-fu and tried “vulcan straw rational talk” and instantly found her. Turns out i had already seen (a bit of) one of her talks. No wonder she seemed familiar. Here is one of her talks, which is quite good. Not too much i learned from it but that’s just becus i have already read a lot about cognitive biases, system 1+2, rationalism @, etc.

Apparently, she has done many videos.

See also:

This reminds me that some years ago i toyed with the idea of making some videos of me explaining things (i never did it). Yes, this lessens the information density, but it also increases the ease of spreading the information. It also has the added benefit of training me for public speaking which i will probably engage in later anyway. It also trains me for semi-public speaking, like giving a lecture for a class or teaching at a school.

Too bad she lives in the US. She is totally hot, cute and has a very nice personality. Obviously, a chick like this will get a lot of messages, and with me also not living remotely close to her, i figure it isn’t worth the time to write a decent message.

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