Paper: Introducing the construct curiosity for predicting job performance

Introducing the construct curiosity for predicting job performance

Mussel, Patrick. “Introducing the construct curiosity for predicting job performance.” Journal of Organizational Behavior (2012).
I read this a while ago. pretty interesting.


The present paper provides a conceptual and empirical examination regarding the relevance of the construct curiosity for work-related outcomes. On the basis of a review and integration of the literature regarding the construct itself, the construct is conceptually linked with performance in the work context. In line with a confirmatory research strategy, the sample of the present study (N = 320) has requirements which reflect this conceptual link. Results from a concurrent validation study confirmed the hypothesis regarding the significance of curiosity for job performance (r = .34). Furthermore, incremental validity of curiosity above 12 cognitive and non-cognitive predictors for job performance suggests that curiosity captures variance in the criterion that is not explained by predictors traditionally used in organizational psychology. It is concluded that curiosity is an important variable for the prediction and explanation of work-related behavior. Furthermore, given the dramatic changes in the world of work, the importance is likely to rise, rather than to decline, which has important implications for organizational theories and applied purposes, such as personnel selection.