Spearman’s hypothesis on item-level data from Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices: A replication and extension

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard1

Item-level data from Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices was compiled for 12 diverse groups from previously published studies. Jensen’s method (method of correlated vectors) was used on every possible pair of groups with available data (45 comparisons). The mean Jensen coefficient was about .50. Very few were negative. Spearman’s hypothesis is confirmed for item-level data from the Standard Progressive Matrices, but interpretation is unclear.

Key words: Raven’s Progressive Matrices, IQ, intelligence, Spearman’s hypothesis, method of correlated vectors, Jensen’s method

Files: https://osf.io/ef6vb/

1 University of Aarhus. Email: emil@emilkirkegaard.dk