Job offer: fill in meta-analysis data

Note: I found two persons to do this so far.

1. Skills required

  • Ability to copy paste from this Wikipedia page into a spreadsheet.

  • Ability to find the elementary information for a study.

2. Job description

A meta-analysis relies on a dataset of information about other studies. One of us collected a large number of studies, but wrote them down on Wikipedia. Now, we want to put it into a spreadsheet for statistical analysis. Your job is to get the information for the studies from the Wikipedia page, and furthermore add in a little data.

Specifically, you are to fill in the 10 columns in this spreadsheet. Instructions can be found in the spreadsheet. Some rows have been filled out as an example to follow. If there’s more questions, we can discuss using your preferred means of communication (Twitter DM,, Signal, Skype, etc.).

Your job is complete when you have covered all the studies listed in the Wikipedia page.

3. Payment

This is for a science project with no outside funding. The payment for the entire job is 90 USD to be paid in preferably a major cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) or some other way. Payment is given after the task is done.

4. When?

You start now and you finish as fast as possible. Finish in one day and I’ll add another 20 USD.