We were finally able to obtain a complete copy of a survey of Finnish journalists. This is the final sample for our large cross-national journalist project.

Unfortunately, it’s in unreadable Finnish! However, Twitter to the rescue and Fatidicus Aeternus provided a translation. I post it here for prosperity’s sake and so others can easily find it:

Finnish name Party Journalists% Adjusted General%
Kansallinen Kokoomus National Coalition Party 18 21.95 20.4
Suomen sosialidemokraattinen puolue Social Democratic Party of Finland 8 9.76 19.1
Perussuomalaiset Finns Party 2 2.44 19.1
Suomen Keskusta Centre Party of Finland 9 10.98 15.8
Vasemmistoliitto Left Alliance 12 14.63 8.1
Vihreä liitto Green League 26 31.71 7.3
Svenska folkpartiet i Finland Swedish People’s Party of Finland 5 6.10 4.3
Kristillisdemokraatit Christian Democrats 2 2.44 4
Åländsk Samling Åland Coalition 0 0.00 0.3
Don’t want to say 13
No vote 5
total total
100 100.00
definite only


The adjusted column are the normalized values calculated by distributing the non-voting/don’t want to say votes equally among the parties (by multiplying by 100/82).

As a bonus, there’s also this, left for the reader to ponder:

Which party would you never vote for?

44% Finns Party

12% no party out of question

11% did not want to answer

10% Christian Democrats

8% National Coalition Party

6% Left Alliance

4% Green League

2% Centre Party

1% Swedish People’s Party

1% Social Democratic Party

Journalists mirror general public in the question of joining NATO: 18% for and 62% against, general public 17% for and 62% against.

Greater wealth redistribution: 67% for 24% against CEO’s salaries are problematic >71% agree >22% disagree

47% of the general public supported gay marriage, while 79% of journalists did in 2010

~60% of Finns thought immigration policy was not strict enough, 13% among journalists


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